Teaching and Research Assistantships

Assistantships are available on a limited basis in most graduate programs. These positions provide funds for many master’s and doctoral students. Each department or program has its own requirements and expectations for their assistants and fellows. Most require 20 hours of work per week and many assistantship positions include health insurance eligibility.

To inquire about or to apply for departmental support, contact your department or your academic graduate advisor.

Types of Assistantships

  • Teaching Fellow (TF): Teaching fellows have direct student contact in a formal instructional setting and are charged with primary responsibility for teaching a course for credit under the direct supervision of a faculty member or chair, receiving regular in-service training and planned and periodic evaluations. Teaching fellows are listed as the instructor of record.
  • Teaching Assistant (TA): Teaching assistants are graduate students who do not have primary responsibility for teaching a course for credit; they perform under the instructor’s direct supervision and provide general assistance to the instructional process, such as grading, tutoring, etc. Teaching assistants may not be listed as instructor of record.
  • Research Assistant (RA): Research assistants are graduate students who are engaged in research activities under the direction and supervision of a principal investigator or faculty working on research.
  • Graduate Services Assistant (GSA): Graduate assistants are graduate students whose responsibilities may be administrative in nature or consist of other activities that do not generally fit within the TF, TA or RA job responsibilities.


Learn more about the benefits offered to students employed in assistantship positions on our Assistantship Benefits page.

Teaching Resources

To help prepare students for their teaching roles, we have developed a page of teaching resources.