Course Load Exception Request

The institutional requirement for a minimal load of academic work for graduate assistantships in any long semester is 9 semester credit hours (SCHs) of graduate courses, and the total combined load of course enrollment and teaching or research assignment may not exceed the equivalent of 18 semester credit hours in any long semester. If you need to take less than 9 hours or more than 12 hours, please submit a Course Load Exception Request form.

This form applies for the following students only:

  1. Students on a Graduate School scholarship or fellowship
  2. Students working in a department as a TA, TF, RA or GSA

If you are not working in an assistantship position, or if you have a scholarship through another department, you do not need to submit this form. For scholarships offered by another department or Financial Aid, please contact the awarding department directly.

International Students

If you are an international student seeking a reduced course load, you may need to submit an additional Graduate Student Full Time Enrollment Equivalency Request form for visa purposes.

Reductions and Taxes

Students seeking a reduction should note that while they are taking a full-time load, Human Resources waives FICA taxes on their paychecks. If you are planning on enrolling in less than 9 graduate hours, you may be charged these taxes, and so your net pay will be reduced. Please contact the HR Payroll department at 1-855-878-7650 for more details.

Federal Financial Aid Requirements

Federal financial aid requirements will always require a minimum of half-time enrollment in order for you to receive aid (grants, loans, etc.). Half-time enrollment for graduate students is 5 hours. You may take as few as 3 credit hours to maintain your Graduate School scholarship or fellowship, but taking less than 5 hours may affect your ability to receive other financial aid. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at 940-565-2302 for full details.

Form Submission

Form must be submitted by the Academic Department directly to the Toulouse Graduate School preferably via email at

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