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Federation of North Texas Area Universities (Cross-Registration)

  • Who is eligible to cross-register?

    Graduate students from A&M-Commerce, TWU and UNT who are admitted to a master's or doctoral program or pursuing certification may cross-register in graduate level courses that are being used toward their current degree program.

  • How do I register for a course through the Federation?

    All Federation cross-registrations must be completed by the Federation Representatives. Students may not register themselves.

    Select a graduate course you wish to take at one of the other Federation institutions by searching their online course schedules. You must meet any course prerequisites and obtain professor or department approval at the course institution if necessary.

    Links to Course Schedules:

    A&M-Commerce Course Schedules (Select terms from the drop-down menu.)
    TWU Course Schedules (Click on Search for Classes at the bottom of the screen.)
    UNT Course Schedules (Institution=UNT; Career=Graduate; Term=Select appropriate term.)

    Check with your graduate advisor to see if the course you wish to take will meet a specific program requirement. Obtain advisor approval, if necessary.
    UNT students will complete the online cross-registration form on the UNT website:   A&M-Commerce and TWU students will complete a Federation Cross-Registration form and return it by email to the Federation Representative at your home institution.

  • How will I know if I am cross-registered?

    Your Federation Representative will notify you by email when you are registered at both institutions. You will pay for your classes at your home institution, and you will not receive a bill or transcript from the course institution.

    You will attend face-to-face courses at the course institution, and you will set up an account on the web-based learning management system at the course institution (i.e., MyLeo at A&M-Commerce and BlackBoard at TWU and UNT) for both face-to-face and online courses.

  • How do I drop a course if I decide not to take it?

    You MUST contact your Federation Representative, preferably by email, to request to drop a course so that you will be dropped at both institutions.

    Note:  You may not drop a Federation course through your university’s online registration system or through the Registrar’s Office at either institution. Failure to contact your Federation Representative to drop a course could result in academic penalty (i.e., grade of F or WF).

    In addition, you must submit your drop request by the deadline on the posted academic calendar.  If the two institutions have different drop deadlines, you must submit your request by the earlier of the two deadlines. Failure to drop by the earliest deadline may result in academic penalty (i.e., grade of F or WF).

  • How do I add a course if I am already registered for a Federation course?

    UNT Students should submit a new online cross-registration form for each additional course they wish to take:

    A&M-Commerce and TWU students should list the course you wish to add on your existing Federation Cross Registration form, and re-submit it to your Federation Representative before the academic calendar deadline for course adds.

    You may NOT add a Federation course yourself even if you have access to the course institution’s online registration system.

  • How will I get my grade for the Federation course?

    The Federation Representative at the course institution will notify the Federation Representative at the home institution of the official grade earned in the course. The Federation Representative or the Registrar’s Office at the home institution will post Federation grades to students’ home institution transcripts.

  • Will my transcript show the title of the course I took through the Federation?

    Yes, the course number, course title, and course institution name will appear on the home institution transcript. You will not receive a transcript from the course institution.

  • Why don't I have a grade for the Federation course I took this semester?

    If the academic calendars of the home institution and the course institution are different, there could be a delay in posting grades to the home institution transcript.

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