UNT/UNT Dallas Affiliation Program

Beginning fall 2015, students wishing to take supporting courses outside their home institution at either UNT or UNTD will participate in the affiliate program between the two locations. This program allows eligible degree seeking students enrolled at UNT or UNT Dallas to enroll, as a transient non-degree seeking student, at the partner (affiliate) institution to take supporting courses for their degree program.

Information for UNT Dallas students:

If you're a UNT Dallas student wishing to enroll in a course at UNT in Denton you must fill out this form and return it to the Toulouse Graduate School admissions office. In order to file the form you must be a current UNT Dallas student enrolled in a UNT Dallas master's degree program. You will be applying to UNT in Denton for admission as a Graduate Non-Degree Student. The course(s) taken at UNT in Denton can be used as a transfer course(s) toward your degree program at UNT Dallas, assuming a passing grade was earned. These transferred courses are subject to the use of transfer credit guidelines outlined in your home institution's university catalog. It is recommended that you consult with your academic advisor prior to enrolling in any course you intend to transfer back to your home institution.


Students must be in good academic standing to submit a request for admission under the UNT/UNT Dallas Affiliate Program. Students on academic probation/suspension may not request admission to additional programs.

Information for UNT Students:

If you're a current student at UNT in Denton, please see this page to view admission requirements to UNT Dallas.