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Developing professional skills is an essential component of a graduate student's career. Whether it's speaking at a conference, learning how to network with other academics, or preparing your first vitae, we realize there are essential skills that may not be taught in your program.

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We've put together our Professional Development Workshop Series just for you. Please visit our TGS Events or the UNT Events calendar for more workshop opportunities.

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The PREP Model

We've based our workshop selections around the PREP model, coined by Michigan State University. The acronym embodies four areas that we believe are essential for your success.


Graduate school isn't easy. Proper planning, however, can dramatically reduce stress and anxiety and get you on the road to achieve your academic goals.


Being resilient is an important trait for managing both your personal and professional lives.


This is a must to be involved in the academic world around you, to take advantage of opportunities and attain your goals.


This is a core competency of any graduate student.

Graduate Student Teaching Excellence Program (GSTEP)

The Graduate Student Teaching Excellence Program (GSTEP) is a zero-credit course designed for all UNT graduate students regardless of teaching experience. The course focuses on a variety of topics related to university teaching and student learning, including identifying assumptions about teaching and learning, writing learning objectives, designing effective assessment techniques and active learning environments, evaluating teaching effectiveness, and working with a diverse population of learners.