UNT Graduate Student Council


Who We Are

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) is the official voice and student government for graduate students at UNT. We advocate on behalf of UNT graduate students to ensure that university administrators and other stakeholders hear their opinions, needs, and interests. GSC was founded in 1968 to secure formal avenues of communication between representatives of the graduate student body and both the Dean of the Graduate School and the Graduate Council.  In April 2015, we became the official student government of graduate students via a student referendum. Our mission is to improve the graduate student experience by advocating, connecting, and empowering.

GSC is comprised of an Executive Branch, Judicial Branch, and Senate. Together these bodies work to improve the graduate student experience at UNT. Our Legislative Branch, or Senate, consists of 55 graduate student representatives from each of the graduate degree-granting departments at UNT.

What We Do

The Graduate Student Council is a multi-purpose organization focused on advocating, connecting, and empowering graduate students at UNT. We are the voice of the graduate student body and advocate for student needs and interests at all levels. Over the years, the GSC has worked with numerous UNT offices, administrators, faculty, and staff members to represent the needs and interests of graduate students at UNT. We promote other graduate student organizations’ programs and host university-wide events that connect graduate students.  We grant funding to graduate student organizations to host social and academic events and we contribute $20,000 to the Graduate Student Travel Grant administered by the Toulouse Graduate School. In addition, the GSC has engaged in advocacy efforts at the national level through its membership with the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students (NAGPS). 

Connect With Us

Feel free to visit us at our office (University Union, 344), connect with us via social media (Facebook or Twitter). You can also reach us by phone at 940-369-6145 or by email at gsc@unt.edu. No matter your method, a representative from the Graduate Student Council will promptly respond to your inquiry.