2021-2022 GSC Elections

2021-2022 GSC General Election Candidates

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Executive Branch


Andrea Ortiz


Vice President of Administration and Finance

Poorna Chandra Konduru


Vice President of Communications and Marketing

Christianna Walker


Vice President of Programming and Outreach

Marilyn Lindsey

Satyaram Kolanu



G. Grint Ryan College of Business (5 seats)


College of Education (8 seats)

Rodolfo Gómez


College of Health and Public Services (5 seats)


College of Information Sciences (8 seats)

Ashley Corbaley


College of Engineering (4 seats)


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (5 seats)


College of Music (4 seats)

Júlia Coelho

Rachel Gain


College of Science (3 seats)


Toulouse Graduate School (1 seat)


College of Visual Arts and Design (1 seat)