Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is comprised of thirteen (13) executive board members: President, Vice President of Administration and Finance, Vice President of Programming and Outreach, Vice President of Communications and Marketing, Parliamentarian, Ex-Officio, Director of Administration, Director of Programming, Director of Internal Relations, Director of External Relations, Director of Communications, Director of Marketing, and Director of Legislative Affairs.   

The executive powers of the Graduate Student Council are vested in this branch.  Executive members are responsible for the daily administration of the GSC and for taking action on legislation passed by the GSC Senate. 

To speak to any member of the GSC Executive Branch, please stop by the GSC Office in Union 344 or you may contact us via e-mail at gsc@unt.edu or via telephone at 940-369-6145. 

GSC President: Asmara Hagos

Parliamentarian: Lowell Johnson

  • Director of Legislative Affairs 

Vice President of Administration and Finance: Tejaswini Avisana

  • Director of Administration

Vice President of Communications and Marketing: Jayasree Sushma Yerragunta

  • Director of Communications

  • Director of Marketing

Vice President of Programming and Outreach: 

  • Director of Programming

  • Director of Internal Relations

  • Director of External Relations

2022-2023 Legislative Branch

G. Brint Ryan College of Business (8 Seats)

College of Education (5 Seats)

College of Engineering (5 Seats)

College of Health & Public Service (5 Seats)

College of Information (8 seats)

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (5 Seats)

College of Merch, Hospitality & Tourism (4 Seats)

College of Music ( 4 Seats)

College of Science (5 Seats)

Toulouse Graduate School (2 Seats)

College of Visual Arts & Design (4 Seats)