Learn in 15 : In-Depth - Conceiving the Pivotal Elements of the Research Study

Join pd.education this fall for four 15 minute upskill breaks each week. 

For the same amount of time you would spend drinking a coffee, you will keep your understanding of the subtleties involved in graduate school going forward.  Mondays give you an overview, Wednesdays go into detail on a topic, Thursdays give you practical steps to bring the learning or skill home and Fridays use the wooclap address and answer everyone's questions.  Oct, Nov and Dec the first week will be related to academic writing, the second week about graduate TAships the third week on preproposal research design and prospectus writing and the fourth week on data analysis, results and finishing.


Learn in 15 : In-Depth - Conceiving the Pivotal Elements of the Research Study

Defining the main elements of a research study is the first step to develop a high quality work. Let's discuss what those elements are and how you make them clear enough to be your lighthouse during the research process.


  •  Research Design


  • Maria Sanchez PatinoPh.D. and Director of Design

Being a professor is my innate nature. I need to help students find their own ways of getting their goals. I have always compared my relationship with students as the one between Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk (original Star Trek) or Data and Captain Picard (Star Tek: The Next Generation): I identify the available options and the students make their decisions. That is what made me be part of DoctoralNet. I have experienced the challenges of online education for seventeen years and now I am enriching that experience teaching face-to-face courses that let me understand the needs of millennials and digital migrants more deeply. That learning is applied in my webinars and materials.


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