3MT® Three Minute Thesis - Master's Competition

The first 3MT® was held at The University of Queensland in 2008 with 160 Ph.D. students competing. Enthusiasm for the 3MT® concept grew and its widespread implementation by universities has led to the development of an international competition.  

The University of North Texas is proud to present the 3MT® competition to its graduate students.

Ph.D., DMA and Master's students have three minutes to present a compelling oration on their thesis and its significance. 3MT® is not an exercise in trivializing or ‘dumbing-down’ research but challenges students to consolidate their ideas and research discoveries so they can be presented concisely to a non-specialist audience.

**Doctoral students compete in the Fall semester**

Workshops: We have two workshops for the 2021 Spring 3MT® Master’s Competition. If you would like to learn more about 3MT® please attend the information workshop on February 1st. Our second workshop on March 1st will help you build your 3-minute presentation. We encourage serious contestants to participate in this workshop.

  • Register here for the 3MT® Information Workshop on February 1st (all are welcome to attend and ask questions).
  • Register here for the 3MT® Contestant Workshop on March 1st (helps contestants build their presentation).

Preliminary Options: Please register for all preliminary session dates that you would be available to attend. You will receive a final email confirmation of your preliminary date.

  • Register here to participate in the 2021 Spring 3MT® Preliminaries on March 15th & 16th from 3 PM to 5 PM.

FINAL COMPETITION: You must pass the preliminary round to advance to the finals. The first segment of the competition will air Monday, April 5th. Contestants will have the opportunity to promote their video and get votes for the People's Choice. The final competition will air on April 9th via YouTube.

Audience Members: 

We would love to have you participate as an audience member for the 3MT® Finals. This semester's presentation will be on YouTube. You select the People's Choice award winner!

To learn more, visit the links below!

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