Employment Waiver Request


The Employment Waiver grants eligible students in-state tuition when employed via assistantship at UNT. Non-resident and international graduate students should complete this form if they are employed as a TA/TF/RA/GSA. Texas residents, TBP recipients, and those already receiving a Competitive Scholarship Waiver (CSW) do not need to complete this form.


Employment Waiver Request at a Glance

  • Employment Waivers grant domestic and international students employed via UNT assistantship with in-state Tuition.

  • Students with more than 99 doctoral hours are not eligible to receive an in-state tuition waiver.

  • If you are a Texas resident, you do not need to complete this form.

  • If you are a Tuition Benefit Program (TBP) Recipient, you do not need to complete this form. TBP recipients who have signed and submitted a TBP Agreement to their hiring department do not need to submit this form. For more information or additional questions, please refer to your hiring department.

  • Students who receive a Competitive Scholarship Waiver (CSW) do not need to complete this form, as these waivers also grant eligible recipients in-state tuition.

  • For information on Graduate Assistantships, click here.


Employment Waiver Requests should be submitted 2-3 weeks before the start of each semester to ensure requests are processed on time. The beginning employment date must be on or before the 12th class day of a long term or the fourth class day of the summer term.

Applicant Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for an Employment Waiver, you must be:

  • A domestic or international professor employed at least half-time (20 hours per week) by UNT or the UNT Health Science Center.

  • A domestic or international Teaching Assistant (TA), Teaching Fellow (TF), Research Assistant (RA), or Graduate Services Assistant (GSA) employed by UNT or the UNT Health Science Center at least half-time (20 hours per week). Some hourly positions may be eligible. For additional information, refer to the eForm link under "How to submit an Employment Waiver request" below.

  • Employed on or before the 12th class date (census date).  Please check with your employer for additional details.

  • Applicable for both undergraduate and graduate students.


  • Spouses and dependents of domestic & International UNT-employed students are also eligible to submit information for the employment waiver request. If the student is a spouse or dependent of a UNT faculty, staff or graduate employee, they will need to submit a copy of their marriage license. Non-UNT state employees are required to provide a letter from the HR department from the employing institution to verify eligibility for the waiver. For more information, visit Student Accounting's website.

  • Spouse/Dependent must sign the Employment Waiver Request Form for Spouses, Dependents & Non-UNT Employees and submit the request form in addition to the required documentation to gradaward@unt.edu

How to submit an Employment Waiver request:

Students meeting the above-mentioned employment waiver eligibility criteria are encouraged to complete an eForm. Summer requests can be submitted by clicking here.

Student/employee and employing department will receive an email notification once the submission has been received by TGS. Allow 3-5 days for processing once the form has been approved by the student's employer.

For students employed outside their major, please have your employer complete the Employment Waiver Request with Academic Advisor's Approval Form.

Student Employee Certification:

If this waiver is determined to be invalid based on the items specified in Section 54.211 or 54.212, I understand I am immediately liable for any difference in tuition costs. I further understand that failure to pay such additional amounts may result in the immediate withdrawal from the University.  I authorize the University to assign any unpaid tuition, fees and/or financial aid funds to a collection or credit reporting agency or agencies for the purpose of collecting the amount due, at the option of the University. I promise to pay all attorney’s fees and other reasonable collection costs and charges necessary for the collection of any amount not paid when due.

If you have a question that is not addressed in the information provided above, please email your name and UNT student ID number to gradaward@unt.edu

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