Other Graduate Opportunities

Second Bachelor's Degree

Second bachelor applicants should download and complete this application. Deadlines for a second bachelor’s degree follow those listed on the graduate admissions page.

After admission to a second bachelor’s degree, you should contact the undergraduate advising office in the college you wish to enroll for information on course transfer and completion requirements.

Graduate Non-Degree Seeking

Apply online as a non-degree student if you are only taking courses to improve your knowledge or for the purpose of taking courses not necessarily leading to an advanced degree (i.e., prerequisites for admission to a degree program).  Graduate non-degree seeking students that meet UNT GPA requirements are eligible to take undergraduate and graduate courses, but may need department approval before enrolling.

A maximum of 12 semester hours earned prior to admission to a degree program may be counted toward degree requirements, and may vary by program. Successful completion of graduate courses by non-degree or certification-only students does not obligate the university to grant admission to a degree program at a later date.

As a non-degree student, you may not be eligible for financial aid.  Contact Student Financial Aid and Scholarships for more details.

Teacher’s Certification

Check out the College of Education for details about various certification options. Apply online and follow the application steps in the Graduate Admissions page.

Graduate Academic Certificate

Graduate Academic Certificates enhance existing bachelor's or graduate degrees in ways that will make the University a life-long center of graduate education.  Courses are taken for graduate credit at the post-baccalaureate and post-master's levels. Apply online and follow the application steps in the Graduate Admissions page.

However, Graduate Academic Certificates do not substitute for existing master's or doctoral programs or duplicate such existing programs. Completed Graduate Academic Certificates are listed on students' official transcripts.

For more information on certificates, see our gainful employment certificate disclosures.

Concurrent Admission: Degree Program (Master's or Doctoral) and Graduate Academic Certificate Program

Concurrent programs are defined as programs (degrees, graduate academic certificates or teacher certification) that a student is pursuing simultaneously.

Admission to a degree program does not imply admission to a Graduate Academic Certificate program. Students who have not completed an application specifically for the Graduate Academic Certificate must complete the Application for Concurrent Graduate Academic Certificate Programs (in addition to the Certificate Verification form completed by the department) for each certificate sought. The following notes apply:

  • The application can be used by either domestic or international students;
  • The application does not require an admission fee;
  • The application is valid for admission to a Graduate Academic Certificate only and cannot be used to seek admission to a second degree program (i.e., master’s or doctoral programs)
  • The application should be sent to the Graduate School and should not be sent to International Admissions, even for international students.
  • The  Application for Concurrent Graduate Academic Certificate Programs must be submitted before the department completes the Certificate Verification form.

Tips for Students Admitted to a Graduate Academic Certificate

  • Admission to a degree program does not imply admission to a Graduate Academic Certificate
  • Always contact the director of the individual graduate academic certificate for specific requirements for admission to the program. A few of the Graduate Academic Certificates do require an admission test score.
  • At the beginning of your last semester of coursework for the Graduate Academic Certificate, the student must contact the certificate director so a verification form can be submitted by the department.
  • All coursework used toward a graduate academic certificate must be taken at UNT.
  • The Graduate Academic Certificate can be awarded no later than 4 years from the date of the first course.
  • UNT coursework applied to a previously awarded master’s degree (at UNT or elsewhere) cannot be used toward a Graduate Academic Certificate. So if you are seeking a UNT degree and a Graduate Academic Certificate concurrently (at the same time), the Graduate Academic Certificate must be awarded no later than the semester you graduate with your master’s degree.

If you intend to seek a Master's or Doctoral degree in addition to a Graduate Academic Certificate or teacher certificate, you will need to apply separately for each program you intend to pursue. Contact the departmental office for additional information on admission deadlines and departmental admission materials.

UNT/ UNT Dallas Affiliation Program

Beginning fall 2015, students wishing to take supporting courses outside their home institution at either UNT or UNTD will participate in the affiliate program between the two locations. This program allows eligible degree seeking students enrolled at UNT or UNT Dallas to enroll, as a transient non-degree seeking student, at the partner (affiliate) institution to take supporting courses for their degree program.

Information for UNT Dallas students:

If you're a UNT Dallas student wishing to enroll in a course at UNT in Denton you must fill out this form and return it to the Toulouse Graduate School admissions office. In order to file the form you must be a current UNT Dallas student enrolled in a UNT Dallas master's degree program. You will be applying to UNT in Denton for admission as a Graduate Non-Degree Student. The course(s) taken at UNT in Denton can be used as a transfer course(s) toward your degree program at UNT Dallas, assuming a passing grade was earned. These transferred courses are subject to the use of transfer credit guidelines outlined in your home institution's university catalog. It is recommended that you consult with your academic advisor prior to enrolling in any course you intend to transfer back to your home institution.


Students must be in good academic standing to submit a request for admission under the UNT/UNT Dallas Affiliate Program. Students on academic probation/suspension may not request admission to additional programs.

Information for UNT Students:

If you're a current student at UNT in Denton, please see this page to view admission requirements to UNT Dallas.

This page contains pdf documents.  You can download a free pdf reader here.