Welcome Students

The University of North Texas (UNT) welcomes people from diverse backgrounds and fosters an environment where students can be successful while finding their place and feeling at home.

In this section of the website, new and current graduate students will find multiple resources to aid their graduate careers.  As a graduate student, there are a multitude of tools to aid in your academic graduate journey.  As you move through your career, you will repeatedly utilize the resources found here.

At UNT, we expect you to pursue academic excellence in a rigorous, yet caring environment. The New Graduate Student Orientation is designed to provide a wealth of information to facilitate your smooth and successful transition to UNT. The content has been carefully selected to ensure that you have a truly spectacular experience. Please use it to learn about the outstanding series of professional development workshops, and the plethora of services awaiting you at UNT and the Toulouse Graduate School.

Our Mission

Toulouse Graduate School (TGS) supports UNT in changing the lives and shaping careers of our graduate students. The mission is achieved through working respectfully and collaboratively with the entire UNT community to:

  • Provide strategic leadership in professional development and initiatives to foster student excellence.
  • Enhance existing and work collaboratively to create new programs to best position alumni for success.
  • Improve financial resources that support graduate students and their research.
  • Align and balance efforts university-wide and take action to identify and remove barriers that may impede attaining results for students, faculty, and staff.
  • Recognize and celebrate accomplishments through events such as Commencement.
  • Work with departments to encourage development of new academic degrees and certificates, including inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary collaborations across the University of North Texas.

Need more help? Contact us or view the Graduate Catalog.