Request for Extension of Time to Complete Degree

If you need more time to complete your master’s or doctoral degree, you must fill out a Request for Time Extension form.  Below are the step-by-step instructions.

  1. Complete a copy of the Request for Time Extension form for master’s students or doctoral students.
  2. Include a detailed timeline determined by you and validated by signature and date of your major professor containing steps to completion of the degree within the requested time extension (see Page 3-4 of the form).
  3. Include letters from:
    • Student, indicating justification and requested terms/conditions of extension request.
    • Major Professor, clearly stating what additional coursework is needed; if none is needed, explain how the student is current in coursework; spell out the terms/conditions of the extension request.
    • Program Coordinator, endorsing the student and major professor information provided from above; may provide additional information.
    • Department Chair, endorsing the student, major professor and program coordinator information provided from above; may provide additional information.
  4. Include current approved degree plan.
  5. Include resume showing student ID#, place of employment, position and title, work/professional experience, etc.
  6. Obtain signatures on the application for extension from (see Page 5 of the form) :
    • the Major Professor
    • the Program Coordinator or Director
    • the Department Chair
    • the College or School Dean
    • the Graduate Dean signs after final review

This page contains pdf documents.  You can download a free pdf reader here.