Assistantships and Teaching Resources

To help students prepare for their teaching role in higher education, we have developed the following list of resources. To inquire about or to apply for departmental support, contact your department or your academic graduate advisor. You can also learn more about the benefits offered to students employed in an assistantship position, on our Assistantship Benefits page.

Contact your department for more information on required attendance for the Teaching Excellence Seminar once selected for a position. Most departments hold additional orientations prior to the start of the semester.

Graduate Student Teaching Excellence Program (GSTEP)

GSTEP is provided by the Center for Learning Enhancement, Assessment, and Redesign (CLEAR) with support from the Office of the Provost.  It is a free program for graduate students at the University of North Texas. The goal of the program is to prepare graduate students for teaching roles in higher education by equipping them with teaching skills, knowledge about teaching strategies and peer support. Activities include classroom teaching experiences, online training modules, and peer mentoring. Upon completion of the program, students will receive a letter of recommendation for future faculty interviews.  Find more details about GSTEP on the CLEAR website.

Additional Teaching Resources


Language Support

  • All new TAs/TFs/RAs whose primary language isn’t English are required to have an assessment of their spoken English conducted prior to or at the beginning of the semester.
  • The only exception is that students with a minimum score of 25 on the Speaking section of the TOEFL iBT are exempt from the assessment.
  • This assessment consists of a 10-minute interview or presentation, depending on the graduate student’s assigned duties.
  • Departmental representatives are encouraged to take part in the assessment.
  • Based on this assessment, the TAs/TFs/RAs will either be exempt from further language training, or they will be required to attend a program of assistance.  Attendance may also be recommended.
  • The language assistance program consists of a 9-week workshop focusing on pronunciation, spoken English, and presentation skills. 
  • Those required to attend the program will have a final evaluation at the conclusion of the workshop.  Departmental representatives are encouraged to participate.
  • The language assistance program is free of charge and will not interfere with assigned duties, teaching or otherwise.
  • The UNT policy for the Program of Assistance for Teaching Personnel Whose Primary Language is Not English is located here.
  • Please email to schedule an appointment or submit a TOEFL score exemption. Email or call 940.565.2003 with any questions. 

Course Load Requirements

The institutional requirement for a minimal load of academic work for graduate assistantships in any long semester is 9 semester credit hours (SCHs) of graduate courses. Upon written recommendation of the college/school dean or her designee and approval of the dean of the graduate school, the minimum registration limit may be reduced to three semester hours for the long term for students who have filed an approved degree plan, have completed all course work, and are either ready to take the qualifying examinations and/or registered for thesis or dissertation. Students who qualify for a reduced course load may submit a Course Load Exception form to the Toulouse Graduate School.

The total combined load of course enrollment and teaching or research assignment may not exceed the equivalent of 18 semester credit hours in any long semester. Each appointment of 10 hours per week is considered the equivalent of 3 semester credit hours.


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