Executive Council Elections

Welcome to the 2024/2025 Graduate Student Council Election

Stay informed about the upcoming 2024/2025 Elections scheduled for March. Please check this page for the latest updates and additional details as they become available. We will continuously update this page with valuable information, including election results, ensuring you have the most comprehensive and timely updates.

The new GSC President is [UNKNOWN], with [UNKNOWN] votes (0.0%).

  • [UNKNOWN][UNKNOWN] votes (0.0%)

The new GSC Vice President of Administration & Finance (VPAF) is [UNKNOWN], with [UNKNOWN] votes (0.0%).          

  • Write-ins – 167 votes (2%)

The new Vice President of Communications & Marketing (VPCM) is [UNKNOWN], with [UNKNOWN] votes (0.0%). 

  • [UNKNOWN][UNKNOWN] votes (0.0%)        

  The new Vice President of Programming & Outreach (VPPO) is [UNKNOWN], with [UNKNOWN] votes (0.0%)              

  • Write-ins – [UNKNOWN] votes (0.0%)

If no candidate wins Simple Majority (51%) on [Day, Date]; a run-off election is needed.    

  • [UNKNOWN] – [UNKNOWN] votes (0.0%)            

  • [UNKNOWN][UNKNOWN] votes (0.0%)

  • [UNKNOWN][UNKNOWN] votes (0.0%)     

2023-2024 Legislative Branch

Senators are an essential element of the GSC. In a large university, it’s important to have adequate representation from each college. These individuals alert the council to the needs and efforts of their departments. The following graduate students will represent their colleges in the GSC Senate.

G. Brint Ryan College of Business (11 Seats)

College of Education (6 Seats)

College of Engineering (12 Seats)

College of Health & Public Service (4 Seats)

College of Information (9 seats)

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (3 Seats)

College of Merch, Hospitality & Tourism (1 Seats)

College of Music (3 Seats)

College of Science (2 Seats)

Toulouse Graduate School (3 Seats)

College of Visual Arts & Design (1 Seats)